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ONLINE ( )-/- VIEWS ( ) :✧:____:✧:_____:✧:_____:✧:_____:✧: I'm Jade, I'm a girl who likes girls. I also like pink lemonade, kissing and food :)

Name: Jade

Age: 19 :)

Where are you from?: UK (North west of England)

Sexual orientation: I like girls a lot 

Male or female?: FEMALE!

Single or taken?: I use my hand a lot…

You’re hot: u r not ok

Promo me: hows about no fagit

Follow me: Tag me in a post and I’ll check out your blog

Why’d you unfollow: because I fucking wanted too. 

Hate: I’ll ignore it unless unless I’m bored and I want to own your lame ass over the internet.


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